Liko Lehua creates fruit flavored gourmet butters. When you taste our butter, it triggers a tsunami of memories and flavors in your mouth: smooth creamy butter, fresh locally grown fruit and a tart sweet aroma.

Liko Lehua Passion Fruit Butter ~ Liliko`i

Congratulations you found our world famous Liko Lehua Lilikoi(Passion Fruit) Butter. The most ONO (delicious) flavor we’ve ever created. Nicknamed “Liquid Gold” by locals; the unique sweet, tangy, fruity taste will take your tastebuds to Hawai’i where we make it by hand in small batches in the small town of Hilo.

This delicate butter is incredibly versatile and is a perfect for cheesecake, bagels, ice cream, pancakes, smoothies, seared salmon and more.

Liko Lehua Coconut Butter ~ Niu

Liko Lehua Coconut Butter is creamy concoction of decadent coconut flavor and sweet cream butter. Reminiscent of Hawai’i beaches and early breakfasts on warm breezy oceanfront lanai’s. Always a favorite on pancakes, and waffles!

Liko Lehua Guava Butter ~ Kuawa

A soft and elegant fruit butter. Our Liko Lehua Guava Butter is sweet and subtle, light ruby in color with a soft gauva scent – just like the red plumeria that grace Hawai’i. A local favorite – Guava Butter is excellent on ham, smoke meat and anything breakfast.

Liko Lehua Mango Butter ~ Manako

A real treat with a great mango taste. 10oz Jar.

Liko Lehua Tahitian Lime Butter ~ Laimi Tahiti

Liko Lehua Pineapple Butter ~ Halakahiki

One of our original flavors, Liko Lehua Pineapple Butter is soft and sweet with caramelized notes of fresh pineapple. Our favorite use is to finish glaze the Christmas Ham with an entire jar of Pineapple Butter poured decadently on top.

10oz Jar.

Liko Lehua Vanilla Spice Butter

Liko Lehua Fruit Butter Variety Pack